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Job market is shifting

Le Ngoc Son (22 years old) – a graduate student from Hanoi Banking Institute is struggling to find a suitable job in this industry, though he has made a great effort searching through all the recruitment pages commonly in Vietnam such as Vietnamwork, jobstreet, etc. Son is one of thousands of BA in Finance - Banking face difficulty in finding job across the country.

As recently reported by HR Insider (Vietnamwork), Finance – Banking Industry were knocked out of the top 10 highest labor demand industries in the first six months of 2015, due to the decline in both supply and demand.

On the other hand, labor force in I.T. Industry is still in demand, even though the number of I.T. students has been steadily increased over the years. The report showed that, over the first 6 months of 2015, I.T. is the leading industry in recruitment needs, adding more than 1,200 jobs over the same period in 2014.

Design and Multimedia - a new industry in Vietnam also experienced the impressive increase in demand by being in the top 5 industry with the highest growth in job demand in the first half of 2015 and expected to sharply increase till 2020, with at least 300,000 personnel.

Enterprises focused on quality of labour force I.T. and Multimedia are two of the "hot" industry with the increase in recruitment needs in 2015. However, many I.T. enterprises are afraid of the quality of graduates from universities and colleges.

According to the I.T. Department, in 2015, Vietnam will have only about 30% of all I.T. graduate students with sufficient knowledge and skill for international job market.

To solve the shortage of qualified personnel, some I.T. enterprises such as FPT Software, Viettel has intensified recruiting graduates from International I.T. centers such as Aptech with the advantages of highly practical knowledge, international e-projects.

Similarly, in Multimedia sector, the main supply source of labor market is gradually shifting to the vocational schools instead of formal education. Some centers such as Arena Multimedia is playing an important role in training qualified students.

Evaluating the qualifications of graduates from Arena Multimedia, representative of VTC said: "The biggest advantage of such academy is practical knowledge, discipline process. Therefore, Arena graduates can quickly keep up with the company work”.

Thus, in spite of the large market demand, unless students have a good preparation in both knowledge and skills, they will find difficulties in getting a job.


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